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Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

'Goodbye Power Bills, Hello Smart Energy Income'

If you are installing a solar + battery system, adding a battery or already have a solar battery system, you may be able to say goodbye to your power bills and hello to smart energy income by converting your home power to a smart energy solution provided by our VPP partner Discover Energy.

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How does VPP smart energy trading work?

A VPP is a de-centralised network of solar-powered, battery-backed homes, which deliver excess energy back into the grid to provide power for other locations. As part of a VPP, the collective excess power of all connected systems can meet a significant amount of electrical demand, leading to greater efficiencies and a higher proportion of renewable energy to the grid. This energy can be sold back to the grid at optimum moments for maximum returns.

Our VPP partner Discover Energy(DE) is leading the solar energy revolution with VPP Cloud based software that turns your home into a Virtual Power Plant and Energy Trader!


Solar + Battery

Solar + Battery with VPP

  • Blackout protection

  • Low, flat solar feed-in-tariffs

  • No energy trading - unused battery energy potential not optimised

  • Energy Storage

  • Energy Control


  • Blackout protection

  • Premium solar feed in tariff rates

  • Electricity buying – potential free battery recharges for households

  • Energy Trading – unused battery energy sold at exceptional prices, for exceptional profit

  • Faster payback periods for battery systems

  • Greater energy control

  • Range of other future profit-making applications such as Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS), Demand Response, etc

Exclusive DE VPP Customer Benefits

  • Discounts

    • Guaranteed discounts apply to your usage charges and you can earn further discounts on your usage charges when you pay on time.

  • VPP Smart

    • Premium solar feed-in rate (up to 45c/kWh) plus profit sharing on trades managed by Discover Energy using your stored solar energy.

  • Free Battery Recharges

    • Intermittent service, triggered by certain market conditions

  • 24/7 Online Account Management

    • You can manage your account and check your usage online 24/7 using My Account or the DE app.

  • No Exit Fee or Lock in Contract

    • This is an open contract. You may terminate at any time without any exit fees or penalties.

  • eBilling and eCorrespondence only

    • Bills and correspondences will be sent electronically by email only.

  • Direct Debit

    • Payments are easily made by direct debit.

  • 12 Months of Benefit with no lock-in contracts!

    • Take advantage of great benefits for 12 months.

  • Bill Frequency

    • No quarterly surprises Take advantage of our monthly billings for homes with smart meters.

Join the energy revolution

Most our battery systems are compatible with the DE VPP offerings, which can be a great way to utilise your batteries in a true smart and revolutionary way. To signup or for more information please contact us.



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