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Reduce Your Electricity Costs Through Solar 

Join Zero 4 Energy to accelerate towards net zero emissions for sustainable energy. We are a Bespoke Residential, Commercial & Industrial CEC Approved Solar Retailer. Proudly providing end to end Consultancy, Analytics, Engineering, Design, Procurement, Monitoring & Installation solutions.


Guaranteed Savings


Installing solar is an ideal way to reduce your electricity costs as self generation will reduce the amount you buy from the utility grid.


Customers can also avail various feed in tarriffs for the amount of electrciity they export back to the grid.

 Lower annual financial savings can lead to a positive cash flow for both your home or business.  Ideal for further investments and lower financial strain in the long run.

Feel free to use our interactive savings estimator to see how much you could save on your bills!

Z4E Solutions

Zero 4 Energy Solutions

Residential Solar

Through our bespoke personalized solutions and extensive product range residential households can look forward to a service first approach when they deal with Zero 4 Energy.

Commercial Solar

Our expert design engineers can provide a free in depth review regarding potential benefits, savings, investment analysis and our high quality service.

Battery Upgrades

We offer the worlds leading battery products, through which customers can benefit from the full potential of going fully self sufficient and make the most out of their solar investment.

Feasability Studies

Through our team of experienced engineers businesses can get an in depth analysis & simulation of their energy usage and how solar could benefit their business overall.

Monitoring Analytics

Our leading cloud based smart monitoring ensures live analysis of your generation, exports, usage with frequent recommendations and remote system checkups.

Zero Interest Finance

Customers can avail the benefits of owning solar while not having the hassle to pay it all upfront, maximizing long term savings and a peace of mind.

Solution Overview

Why Choose Zero 4 Energy?

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Our experienced engineering team is capable of delivering high quality results in project evaluation, design, management and implementation. 


We ensure transparency in our solutions, pricing and savings evaluations to ensure our clients can make the best informed decision.


Through our service first approach, integrity is uniformly maintained in our solutions and chosen partners to ensure a hassle free experience


Investing in solar energy is associated with long lasting benefits. Hence, we have a dedicated support team to ensure your system runs smoothly.


We make investing in solar easy through our pay-as-you-go finance options. This is ideal for better cash flow as you pay fixed repayments overtime. 


We are CEC Approved Solar Retailer, which is a symbol of proven quality and adherence to the Clean Energy Council Code of Conduct, the only code of conduct authorised by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission. This proves that you are in accredited, licensed & reliable hands.



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Authorised Retailer



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