Referral & Affiliate Program

Take advantage of our referral & affiliate program to earn monetary rewards while being able to reduce emissions and help people reduce their electricity costs.

How it works

1. Join our referral program

You can join our referral program by signing up for the program as an individual, organisation, charity or even business. Zero 4 Energy customers are automatically eligible for the referral program.

2. Spread the word

Spread the word of reducing electricity bills through solar & batteries to your family, friends, community, acquaintances, organisation members, or anyone you or your organisation could reach out towards.

3. Enjoy the benefits

With each successful referral both you and your referees will enjoy monetary benefits in the form of cashback, gift cards, donations, discounts or even commissions. You will also be promoting uptake of sustainable energy.


How to join?

To be a referral partner, just fill out the form below or send us an email with your details, your marketing plan and how you wish to benefit this program.


Referral program frequently asked questions

I have more questions, who can i contact?

For further questions or concerns please email or call us at 02 8328 1444.

Can you train me on your products & services?

Yes, we provide all basic training on our company, products & services. We also give sales training when required and webinars to keep referral partners upto date with us and the industry.

How will referral partners be paid?

Commission: Is for those wanting direct cash paid into their bank accounts. Donation: You can either raise funds for your organisation/charity or can dedicate campaigns towards a charity you wish us to donate your raised funds towards. Gift Card: You can opt to get your comission in terms of gifts cards of the same value. Extended Discount: You can choose to pass on your comission to your friend/referee so they can enjoy an extended discount. Credit on System: You can collect your share of the comissions to be used as credits towards your own system purchase. We can also work out other ways of benefit for our referral partners through further discussions.

I lost my referal code, what can I do?

Please send us an email with your contact details and someone will get back to you regarding this.

Can we get a custom landing page on the zero 4 energy website?

Yes, we can create custom landing pages to complement your referral code according to your campaigns.

How much will you pay per successful referral?

Payment per successful referral to individuals/organisations/charities/business/etc varies according to what is agreed between Zero 4 Energy(us) and the referral partner(you). Benefits to those using your referral code users also depends on that agreement.

Can we create a custom campaign with zero 4 energy?

Yes, we are flexible in creating custom campaigns which can benefit both you, your organisations and your referees. Reach out to discuss how we can work together.