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Commercial & Industrial Solar

Solar for commercial, government & industrial premises is ideal due to the heavy daytime usage which can be covered through self generation.

Powering your business through solar PV solutions proudly adds upon your brand image for corporate sustainable responsibility. These solutions have also proven to be worthwhile investments for businesses of any size ranging from SME’s to utility scale energy plants.  

Getting a solar PV system installed at your commercial premises most the times makes economical sense with the cost per kWh generated by solar at competitive figures compared to traditional fossil fuel based generators. An investment into a solar PV solution enhances a positive business cash flow as there will be lower expenses for electricity especially once the system has paid off itself, hence attracting health ROI’s.  Availing solar energy is optimal as most businesses have daytime usage but is also capable to support the community and local grid by supplying the excess generated green electricity through exports while availing feed in tariffs.  

Contact us with your query so our expert design engineers can provide a free in depth review regarding potential benefits, savings, investment analysis, our high quality service and how your business can enjoy our in depth monitoring solutions which operate at revenue grade accuracy real time data. 

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