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Z4E Finance Options

There are multiple ways to avail the benefits of solar and/or battery solutions by reducing your electricity costs and moving towards sustainability. Our flexible pay-as-you-go, lease, chattel mortgage and PPA solar finance plans enable customers and businesses to enjoy the benefits of owning solar while not having the hassle to pay it all upfront, maximizing long term savings, positive cashflow and ensuring a peace of mind. Our finance partners are well known in the Australian retail and solar industry with their after pay and financial services.

Capital/Upfront Purchase

The traditional and still most common way to purchase a sustainable energy solution is to buy in cash upfront. This is ideal for businesses and customers who have the cash available to invest in solar & battery solutions. Major benefits for a upfront capital purchase are:

  • Buy Immediately

  • Enjoy Savings Immediately

  • Highest return on investment 

  • Own system from day one

Capital Purchase

Pay As Yo Go


Zero interest pay as you go financing for residential households is available through our renowned and trusted partners such as Zip Money, Brighte and leading finance brokers. Major benefits our pas as you customers enjoy are:

  • Buy Now, Pay Later

  • Residential: Interest free terms range from 6 to 60 months

  • $0 Upfront Payment

  • Ideal for positive cash flow throughout the period 

  • Affordable flexible repayments of weekly, fourth nightly and monthly schedules

Pay As You Go

Lease/Chattel Mortgage

A capital lease or chattel mortgage is ideal for commercial and industrial customers installing solar and/or battery solution at their business while eliminating the upfront capital expenditure required. This is done through a payment plan through our finance provides, from which customers benefit through:   

  • Payments terms ranging up to 10 years

  • Energy cost savings from day one

  • $0 Upfront Payments

  • Highly competitive plans

  • Ideal for positive cash flow throughout the term


Power Purchase Agreement

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a long term electricity supply agreement that also enables commercial & industrial customers to install a solar/battery solution at their premises without the upfront capital expenditure. However, as the name suggests the customer purchases the power generated by the system at an agreed purchase rate per unit of electricity(c/kWh) generated. This rate is significantly lower than what you would be paying to your grid-sourced electricity providers. Major customers benefit through a PPA are:   

  • Payments terms ranging 7 -30 years

  • Big long term savings

  • No capital outlay

  • No headaches: Operation, Maintenance, Insurance inclusive

  • Ideal for positive cash flow throughout the term

  • Possible revenue stream for landlords



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