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Residential Solar Solutions

Homeowners can easily slash their ever rising electricity costs with rooftop solar, by offsetting daytime usage and enjoying feed in tariffs for exports.

Residential households can look forward to a service first approach when they deal with Zero 4 Energy through our experienced residential solar PV solutions team. With our bespoke personalized solutions we strive to present the most optimal products to ensure a peace of mind for our esteemed clients.  Households can avail lower electricity bills through obtaining solar PV systems which off sets their daytime grid usage as well as benefiting from the feed in tariffs through excess generated electricity. 

Having a team with industry wide experience we know that one standard system cannot be the solution to most homes, as there are more factors to consider such as ideal roof space, electricity tariffs, home usage and times of use. Therefore, we aim to be clear on our advise if it makes financial sense to go ahead with solar or not through our estimated savings analysis and qualification criteria.


We understand how important an investment into residential solar PV can be for most families, that’s why we take care of you beyond installation as well. Our monitoring and qualified technical support engineers take care of any after sales or service issues your system may face including system rectifications, product warranty claims, and general usage information when required.

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