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The Zero Mission

The costs of relying on dirty energy technologies aren’t painfully felt anywhere in the world as they are in Australia today. Energy retailers in Australia are charging the highest grid power prices for their increasingly unreliable services. 

" Zero 4 Energy is an Australian owned and based renewable energy solutions company aimed at accelerating towards net zero emissions for sustainable energy. " 


We are a fully licensed, CEC Approved Solar Retailer as well as a Tesla Certified Installer. We offer bespoke solar and battery solutions for residential, commercial, nonprofit and government clients. 

Take a look at your most recent energy bill, imagine paying less every month whilst knowing that you are mostly energy self-sufficient. At Zero 4 Energy, we help you see the potential savings on your electricity bills. We hold a wide range of solar and battery options for both residential and commercial properties and they do not require any upfront investment. 

We specialise on the ‘pay as you go’ plan, where through our zero interest finance providers, you can avail rooftop solar with a $0 upfront investment. You can then proceed to pay the system off through monthly repayments over a certain period.

Through such opportunity, you will only have to pay a fixed monthly amount for the whole period of the term. This has the potential to be lower than what you are currently paying for your electricity bills. Such options have been proven to be beneficial for both businesses and households as it eases up cashflow which can be used for other costs, investments or expenses.

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The Z4E Experience

Zero 4 Energy aims to maintain a bespoke customer experience process set for zero hassle for our clients.  Through our boutique like solutions providing transparent personalized package solutions we source the products ideal for your usage and budget.


As typical standard solutions may not be right for all client situations our engineers and design team will advise you in depth regarding ideal options for your premises through our consultation process. This includes a presentation with study of your current usage, how a solar PV solution could be worth your investment, design mock ups according to your premises, potential product options, recommended packages and a clear indicative potential savings analysis. 

Once you are ready to proceed,  our qualified engineers will be taking care of all your relevant applications, designs, product sourcing through our strategic supply partners and assigning our reliable vetted CEC accredited installers. Following system commissioning customers ideally start saving on grid electricity usage during the day and avail feed in tariffs for any amount of electricity they export back into the grid. Most our solutions come standard with our partnered industry leading live cloud based monitoring solutions, giving you a smart analysis of your generation, exports, and usage with frequent recommendations and remote system checkups. 

We ensure that you choose Z4E for not only just financial savings and a lower household carbon footprint but also a peace of mind regarding your system. Therefore, clients can avail our highly qualified after sales support and technical service when needed.

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Why Go Solar?

Financial Savings
Reduce your electricity bills by offsetting your grid consumption through solar solutions. This is ideal to establish a positive cashflow as once the system is paid off, you can enjoy “free” solar electricity.

Energy Independence
Minimise your reliability on the grid and avoid the ever rising electricity bills by producing your own solar energy. It is possible to overcome most of your usage by using a rightly sized system.

Increased Sustainability
Play your part in taking a step towards a more sustainable planet by using clean & green energy. Ideal for establishing a corporate sustainability image while offsetting your carbon footprint. 

Government Incentives
The Australian and state governments have various subsidies and financial incentives to help boost uptake of solar energy. This can be either through the STC upfront discount and LGCs for 100kW+ systems or even through state specific rebates.

Blackout Protection
Solar energy generates during the day, but it can be stored for later use by adding a battery storage with your solar solution. This may include night-time use, or for when the grid experiences blackouts.

Minimal Maintenance
Solar solutions require minimal maintenance when installed correctly by professional accredited installers. All that  is usually required is just panel cleaning at least once a year, and keeping an eye on the system monitoring devices/portals. 


Why Go Solar

How Solar PV Works ?

With the global transition to Renewable Energy and the inevitable consequences of global warming, countries all over the world are switching and adopting to sustainable, cost effective and energy efficient solutions. Solar and wind energy have evolved over the years to where it is extremely cost competitive to conventional energy sources and is rapidly becoming a cheaper alternative, with many nations, cities and houses becoming 100% energy self-sufficient.


  1. Solar Panels: Solar Panels generate electricity during the day as long as the sun shines. The output of the panels depends on the intensity of the sunlight it captures. An optimised design and  placement of the panels is extremely crucial to make the most out of your investment.

  2. Inverter: The inverter is like the brains of the system. It converts the raw DC electricity generated by the Solar Panels into useful AC electricity and adjusts the voltage and frequency to the required grid standards. It often has cloud monitoring capabilities for the user to access production data as well as potential fault warnings.

  3. Batteries: Batteries are the leading way in storing your excess solar electricity. They can be used at night or when your energy usage is high. In a hybrid system, most batteries are connected through their inbuilt interface directly to the meter box. Solar power charges the battery when it is not consumed in the premises. 

  4. Grid: The grid is what currently powers your premises. Through solar and batteries, we aim to minimize your dependence on the grid and leave it only as a last resort when needed. Your utility company will charge you for whatever you consume directly from the grid and usually offset or credit the excess solar electricity you feed into the grid. 

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CEC Approved Solar Retailer


The Clean Energy Council Solar Retailer Code of Conduct is a way for solar businesses to show their commitment to responsible sales and marketing activities and solar industry best practice.

The code of conduct is a voluntary scheme for retail businesses selling solar panel systems to households and businesses. It aims to lift the bar higher than the minimum requirements set by government and regulations and bring about a better standard of service within the solar industry. It is also the only solar industry code of conduct authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Accredited Solar Retailer
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