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✅ 6.66 kW from just $13/week 

✅ 10.3 kW from just $18/week 
✅ Reputable & Premium Products

✅ Battery + Battery Ready Packages Available
✅ 25 Year Panel Performance Warranty
✅ 12 Year Panel Product Warranties
✅ 10 Year Inverter Warranties

✅ 10 Year Installation Warranty
✅ Interest Free Finance Options

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Installing solar is an ideal way to reduce your electricity costs as self generation will reduce the amount you buy from the utility grid.


Customers can also avail various feed in tarriffs for the amount of electrciity they export back to the grid.

 Lower annual financial savings can lead to a positive cash flow for both your home or business.  Ideal for further investments and lower financial strain in the long run.

Feel free to use our interactive savings estimator to see how much you could save on your bills!

Frequently asked questions

Does getting a Solar PV system actually produce savings?

Savings are guaranteed for rightly sized systems once the investment has been recovered through lower energy bills. As there are minimal ongoing costs, your system will produce power for free, leading to additional savings.

What sort of Government Rebates/Financial Incentives am I entitled to?

The Australian federal and state governments offers a variety of rebates and schemes to accelerate and promote the usage of renewable energy, energy efficient products and also to encourage energy feed in to the national grid. - Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs), which can be traded and redeemed for cash - Electricity feed-in tariff for households and businesses - Discounts and incentives to help make homes more energy-efficient - Energy storage grants and incentives Incentives may vary according to state, production, year and location.

Are batteries worth it?

Batteries are the best way to store your excess generated solar power, which is often more economically viable than just availing current feed in tariffs. Even though batteries may take a longer payback period, they often do give maximum energy independence and are another step towards living a sustainable lifestyle.

I have more questions, who can I ask?

Please feel free to ask any questions, clear any queries, request a consultation or ask for assistance by emailing on:

Do "Tier 1" panels matter?

All panels used by us are tier 1, which is an industry benchmark referring to the manufacturer. These ratings are given by reputable industry analysts. Nearly all CEC accredited panels are tier 1 products.

What makes Z4E stand out from other industry competitors?

We ensure transparency in solutions, pricing and potential savings. It aligns parallel to the integrity and trustworthiness of our company, as well as to our carefully chosen solution partners. We also strive to ensure you understand the aspects of solar. This is crucial to make a well informed decision as to whether or not it serves as a good investment for you.

Do you provide finance?

We have partnered with interest free finance and pay-as-you-go providers to enable anyone to start reaping in the benefits of solar with no upfront investment. Our residential terms range upto 5 years and have commercial system lease/chattel mortgage options for upto 10 years. We also have Power Purchase Agreement(PPA) offers which range from 7 to 30 years. For more information please checkout the "Finance Options" page on our website.

What warranties are provided?

Manufacturer warranties of standard solar panels are on average 12 years whereas inverter warranties start at around 5 years. Most panel performance warranties range around 25 years. We also provide a 10 year installation warranty and a 5 years whole of system & installation workmanship warranty. These retailer’s warranty are provided in addition to consumer guarantees which are required under Australian Consumer Law.

How can I get started?

To get started please contact us to schedule a free consultation appointment. Our team will study your bills, energy usage, roof space and budget to provide an optimized solution for you.

Who will be installing my system?

All systems are installed by CEC accredited installers. They are not only registered electricians, but they have also undergone further training to design & install solar PV systems. This ensures all work is on par with industry standards.

What is Zero 4 Energy?

Zero 4 Energy (Z4E) is a renewable energy solutions platform, aimed at accelerating towards a net zero emissions sustainable future. Our services are no less than a bespoke solar PV boutique where we present our esteemed clients with maximum authority regarding solutions for their premises. We provide solutions for both residential and commercial clients.

What are Feed in Tarrifs?

Feed in tariffs are what your electricity retailer would pay per kWh solar exported back into the grid. This is ideal to make best use of any unused power your solar PV system generates during the day.

What is the STC “solar rebate” ?

Often what is termed as the “solar rebate” is in real terms defined as a financial incentive. Its purpose is to provide discounts upon the total price of the system, through generating certificates based on the system’s energy output. They can be in the form of Small Scale Technology certificates (STC’s), which are a financial incentive to reduce the upfront cost of solar for systems up to 100 kW. They can also be in the form of Large Scale Generation Certificates (LGC’s). These are for systems larger than 100kW, which provide a discount on the overall cost of a system/solar plant through annual payments to the generator.

I have found cheaper quotes, can you match it?

We may be able to price-match quotes you receive. This is provided that the solar retailer is offering similar products and more importantly, operates in a similar quality focused, ethical and transparent manner.

What does it mean to be a CEC Approved Solar Retailer?

The Clean Energy Council Solar Retailer Code of Conduct is a way for solar businesses to show their commitment to responsible sales, marketing activities and overall quality practice in the solar industry. The code of conduct is a voluntary scheme for retail businesses selling solar panel systems to households and businesses. It aims to lift the bar higher than the minimum requirements set by the government and regulations, and to bring about a better standard of service within the solar industry. It is also the only solar industry code of conduct authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. The Clean Energy Council manages the code of conduct and ensures that signatories comply with its strict requirements at all times.

Would I need to change my electricity meter?

A meter upgrade would be required if you do not currently have a smart meter installed. This is to be done after installation by your energy provider. The costs vary depending on your provider.

How long would it take to get my system installed?

It should take an average of 4 to 6 weeks from contract signing for a system to be installed. This is provided that there are no extras required, and can vary due to system size and time of the year.

What are your monitoring solutions?

Nearly all the inverters we provide come with inbuilt production monitoring capabilities. However, we have also partnered with some leading cloud based external monitoring providers. They can smartly monitor your production and consumption quite comprehensively.